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The Best Cocktail in Los Angeles

When it comes to getting your drink on, there is no shortage of amazing bars that make up the burgeoning cocktail scene that we have in Los Angeles. With unparalleled takes on classic cocktails, small-batch spirits, farm-fresh ingredients and bartenders who push the boundaries of what we know, L.A. is a cocktail city to be reckoned with. So whether you’re on the lookout for a speakeasy-style space to sip a Sazerac, a cocktail made from cannabis oil or a full-blown omakase experience, these bars have just the drink you’ve been looking for. 


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10 Best Hotel Restaurants in L.A.

If you’re the type of person who plans trips around food (guilty) or you’re just looking to give yourself a dose of that good vacation vibe, a hotel with a solid restaurant might be just what you need. Luckily for tourists and locals alike, L.A. has no shortage of phenomenal hotels in which to unwind and taste the city’s unparalleled food scene. From Roy Choi’s homage to hot pot at the Line in Koreatown to Michael Hung’s delightful riff on American cuisine at the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills, these spots are bona fide culinary destinations as much as they are great places to stay the night. If you’re planning a trip around a Sunday brunch or just looking for a romantic date night on the town, here are 10 places to check out — and maybe even check into for the weekend. 

Originally appeared on LA Weekly

Where to Find the Best Breakfast Sandwiches in L.A.

From each perfectly orange oozing yolk, to every smoky bite of bacon or herb-flecked sausage between a piece of toast or warm brioche bun, eating a truly great breakfast sandwich can become something of a spiritual experience.

That’s especially true in Los Angeles, a city with no shortage of outstanding breakfast sandwiches to satiate your most basic first-meal-of-the-day desires. From a fried clam–and-bacon sandwich to an homage to the McMuffin, here are 10 delicious options to start your day off right. 

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The Fijian Version of Ceviche Is a Tropical Powerhouse of Coconut, Lime and Chili

Helmed by Aussie chef Louis Tikaram, West Hollywood hot spot E.P. & L.P. has brought L.A. the type of modern Asian cooking that is often categorized as “pan-Asian.” But in this case, the cuisine would be more aptly described within the context of its origin: Australia.

Tikaram’s cooking comes from a country culturally steeped in — and immensely populated by — central and Southeast Asian immigrants. It’s a melting pot where different cultures and cuisines collide with native traditions and flavors.

At E.P. & L.P., that regional diversity is combined with California’s unparalleled fresh produce and reflected in dishes such as abalone with hand-ground curry paste and Thai aromatics, wood-grilled lamb neck with lettuce, herbs and chili jam, and succulent octopus with farmers market greens. It makes for a unique dining experience that draws inspiration from Asia and Australia as much as it does Los Angeles itself. 

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Redbird Is Re-Engineering Brunch Cocktails

Cocktails are an intrinsic part of what makes brunch brunch,but more often than not restaurants attract customers with quantity over quality. Enter the (bottomless) mimosa and (endless) bloody Mary.

At Redbird‘s newly launched brunch, bar director Tobin Shea’s inventive cocktail list invigorates the usual cocktails to pair with chef Neal Fraser’s opulent brunch dishes. The most popular of Shea’s new creations are his takes on the bloody Mary — made with clarified tomato, clarified lemon, white balsamic vinegar, fennel, basil, and pepper vodka — and the mimosa, crafted from a combination of Chablis white wine and clarified orange juice that’s been force-carbonated.

Originally appeared on LA Weekly

The Local’s Guide to Eating and Drinking in Malibu

When it comes to many “best of Malibu” lists, there’s something left to be desired. Malibu has a relatively underdeveloped food scene, and there’s a tendency to allow a good view to make up for pricey, subpar food.  But there are some solid, off-the-beaten-track places that locals frequent, and they’re well worth checking out.

From post-surf egg sandwiches to killer pizza to unmarked Mexican food trucks, these are the best places to eat and drink in Malibu like a local.

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Santa Monica’s Warszawa Gets a Hip Makeover and a New Name

L.A. is a hotbed for many international cuisines, but we’re not exactly flooded with authentic Polish restaurants. Thus the debate about the best Polish cooking in L.A. is usually a short one; over the past three decades, the answer usually has been Warszawa.

But the restaurant isn’t resting on its laurels. The previous owner’s daughter recently took over and relaunched the Santa Monica Polish institution as Solidarity, a name that pays homage to the 1980s Polish labor movement.

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Love Stinks: Where to Celebrate Being Single in LA

Every year on Feb. 14, we become a nation divided. Those who loathe Valentine’s Day see it as a day when happy couples gloat, capitalism runs amok and your favorite restaurant is booked solid and probably serving a love-themed tasting menu. If this is you, there’s still a way to observe the holiday, with everything from drink specials to help you wallow in self-pity to Tinder-themed parties to free food for eating your way through your feelings. 

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The 10 Best Indian Restaurants on L.A.’s West Side

When it comes to the multitude of ethnic cuisines that make up L.A.’s culinary landscape, certain neighborhoods have become synonymous with certain types of food. If you’re in the mood to slurp soup dumplings, you know the SGV is where you’ll go. East Los Angeles reigns as the unofficial taco capital, and for those who are craving some rich tonkotsu ramen, you’ll want to head over to Sawtelle Japantown.

But while L.A.’s Indian food scene is typically associated with a hub of great Indian restaurants in Artesia’s Little India area, the Westside has its share of spots that can hold their own. From new openings to longtime neighborhood gems, from Southern Indian cooking to Punjabi-style, these are the best Indian offerings (in no particular order) on the Westside.