Hillary Eaton

Originally appeared on LA Weekly

Redbird Is Re-Engineering Brunch Cocktails

Cocktails are an intrinsic part of what makes brunch brunch,but more often than not restaurants attract customers with quantity over quality. Enter the (bottomless) mimosa and (endless) bloody Mary.

At Redbird‘s newly launched brunch, bar director Tobin Shea’s inventive cocktail list invigorates the usual cocktails to pair with chef Neal Fraser’s opulent brunch dishes. The most popular of Shea’s new creations are his takes on the bloody Mary — made with clarified tomato, clarified lemon, white balsamic vinegar, fennel, basil, and pepper vodka — and the mimosa, crafted from a combination of Chablis white wine and clarified orange juice that’s been force-carbonated.

Originally appeared on http://thezoereport.com/living/6-chefs-tell-win-thanksgiving-dinner/

6 Chefs Tell You How To Win At Thanksgiving Dinner

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