Hillary Eaton

Originally appeared on LA Weekly

The Best Cocktail in Los Angeles

When it comes to getting your drink on, there is no shortage of amazing bars that make up the burgeoning cocktail scene that we have in Los Angeles. With unparalleled takes on classic cocktails, small-batch spirits, farm-fresh ingredients and bartenders who push the boundaries of what we know, L.A. is a cocktail city to be reckoned with. So whether you’re on the lookout for a speakeasy-style space to sip a Sazerac, a cocktail made from cannabis oil or a full-blown omakase experience, these bars have just the drink you’ve been looking for. 


Originally appeared on The Zoe Report

14 Delicious Tequila Drinks to Make Tonight

When it comes to the spirit of the moment, L.A.’s hottest bartenders are all about agave. Whether it’s tequila blanco, reposado, or even a smoky mezcal these innovative agave cocktails are all about moving past the margarita and taking things up a notch to create a sophisticated, modern, and delicious tequila creation. So get your shaker and get ready to enjoy all the boozy goodness that L.A.’s best bartenders have to offer from the comfort of your home.