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Originally appeared on MUNCHIES

How It Feels to Cook at Coachella and Serve a Bunch of Wasted Kids

When you think of the Coachella music festival, the first thing that comes to mind is a bunch of fair-weather bohemians wearing flower crowns and getting fucked up in a dustbowl, while somewhere Drake is making out with Madonna. But the festival’s newest push is to expand its culinary offerings by bringing in top chefs and restaurants. We decided to see what really happens when you take people that care about food and people that care about glow-stick dancing to Pete Tong and put them together in the same place. To get a firsthand look, we hit up our man Alvin Cailin, chef and owner of LA’s Eggslut and Ramen Champ, to talk about what it’s like to serve a bunch of drunk kids.

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Everything You HAVE To Eat At Coachella (Including Some Top-Secret Menu Items!)

It’s that time of year again: Whether you’recatching up on the featured acts, finalizing your festival wardrobe, or learning how to make yourself a flower crown, Coachella is finally here, folks. And, while all of this prep is important, figuring out where you’re going to eat should be high on your list, too — especially considering the sheer number of top chefs and trendy restaurants making appearances at this year’s festival.

So, how are you to navigate through a sea of food trucks, pop-ups, and stands while making sure you don’t miss out on the best bites? That’s where we come in. Because you have so much to eat and so little time, we’ve gone through the best dishes for every meal of the day — as well as some off-menu items that our favorite chefs are whipping up exclusively for you. Click through to peek them all, and be sure to pack your appetite on the road to Indio.