Hillary Eaton

Originally appeared on Vice

Whipped Cream Is Child’s Play in the World of Sploshing

Germophobes and bakers might find it difficult to comprehend the world of Wet and Messy (WAM), a type of fetishism that usually involves someone spending the better half of an evening rubbing vanilla-scented cake batter all over their junk. But it’s not just liquid pastry items that get certain people hot and bothered: food, mud, slime, and any other goopey concoctions teetering on health code violations fall under the wide umbrella of liquid festishes out there. It’s a vague concept for a seemingly unending niche of sexual desires. Since I’m a huge fan of cake batter, I started exploring UMD, a WAM fetish forum site that helps you “stay messy with friends,” where I played guess the fetish with people’s profile pictures (batter smeared on tits = up my alley) in attempts to locate a couple who like get down by playing with their food.

All images courtesy of Mary

After browsing through some of the videos and photos on the site, I quickly realized that my half-assed explorations into whipped cream and chocolate were total childs play. Most of the people I chatted with were surprisingly helpful and happy to talk about their fetishes, which is how I found Mary (also known as Mud Bunny) and Tyler, a WAM couple who make adult food fetish videos under the name Mud Bunny Studios. Picture activities like sitting on multi-colored cake batter pies and being doused  in buckets of cream, batter, or custard, and you’ve fallen into an X-rated Paula Deen scenario. I spoke with Mary and Tyler about the food fetish side of the WAM community, what it’s like to be in a WAM relationship, and learning about the bond that is forged from fucking (literally) with food.

MUNCHIES:  How did you two meet?
Mary: Tyler and I both met at a cellphone store that he was working at and we ended up going for coffee on his break that day.

How long have you been together?
Mary: We’ve been together for about two and a half years now.

How did you two discover that you shared a food fetish?
Mary: Tyler first let me in on his fetish after watching me bake cookies with him one afternoon. We both had no idea that we were even semi interested in the same thing. So while I was shyly teasing him—more for my benefit—I had no idea that it was actually something he enjoyed. A few days later he showed me some WAM photos online. That instant was filled with a sort of tingly excitement. I had randomly stumbled upon someone else with such a undiscussed fetish. I mean what are the odds?

Interesting. What initially sparked your interest with WAM?
Mary: I always enjoyed baking and cooking a lot, and I’ve always found that I loved getting my hands in the batter. It was always something that I’d found sensational but it was never really anything that I had sexually related to until I ended up coming across the UMD community.
Tyler: For me, it came about mostly from browsing the internet. I was always interested in girls and mud and stuff like that, and eventually through scouring porn you kind of come across stuff that you like and you’re like, Maybe we’ll give that a try, and then one thing lead to another.

So what’s the draw of WAM food play for you all?
Tyler: I really enjoy seeing it dripping on a girl, pouring it over her body. It’s a very sexy look, very smooth, the textures are awesome, and they taste good. It stimulates all the senses, which is really interesting from a sexual point of view.

So what’s your favorite food to play with together?
Mary: My favorite would be cake batter. We use some substances that we experiment with, like adding methylcellulose to make it more stringy or adding guar gum to make it thicker and stickier. But on a regular basis, cake batter is just really easy to obtain and if you decided that’s want you want to do together, you have to prepare it and clean up afterwords. It’s a huge process, so cake batter is just a lot quicker in terms of facilitating that, but it also tastes and smells good. Our favorite thing is vanilla because it pours nicely and feels really good on the body.
Tyler: Cake batter is something we come back to quite often. It’s got everything you want.

You mentioned the whole thing is a huge process?
Tyler: Yeah, a lot of things have to align in order for it to happen. Like, if you have roommates you probably don’t want them around; you have to get everything ready. It’s very similar to bondage in that matter. For more elaborate bondage stuff, you aren’t going to be able to just whip everything out and go, you know? It takes hours.


Do you find it difficult to find a partner that shares this fetish with you?
Mary: I’ve never met anyone else who also enjoyed it, or even really knew what it was. There was a girl that I did one package with that found me on the internet and actually lives five blocks away—which is really strange—and was totally into it and loved it.
Tyler: It’s not hard to find someone who likes aspects of it. I think we’ve all played with whipped cream canisters and chocolate paint and stuff like that. It’s hard to find someone whose truly interested in it and more open sexually.

From what I understand food play doesn’t even necessarily involve sexual penetration, but is often a visual stimulation, right?
Tyler: I find that the community itself—though greatly appreciated the visual aspect of it—but I think for a lot of them it may have to do with humiliation. For us, it’s definitely textural and visual. It definitely seems like the act is very sexy. There are some people who do the sexual penetration with it, but those videos don’t necessarily sell more than the rest. You don’t have to actually be having sex with people to be noticed within this community.

Have you found there are common misconceptions people have about the WAM community?
Mary: We haven’t really told too many of our friends. A few of them know and they are the few that love and support us. I’ve never really had anyone that’s taken a back from it either.
Tyler: I think it’s easy to see from an outsider’s perspective how some things might be pretty attractive, but I think the volume is where people get confused. Like pouring a little bit of custard or pudding on someone and then licking it off, you can definitely see the attraction in that, but the idea of an entire bucket of it—I think you kind of lose people at that point.

How does this fetish affect your relationship?
Mary: We both feel that it greatly enhances our relationship. It feels really great to finally reach a stage of complete comfort and understanding with the other person. I feel that Tyler and I have made connections on so many levels that I couldn’t even imagine being able to do that with anyone else.

Great. Thanks for the time, guys!