Hillary Eaton

Originally appeared on LA Weekly

The 10 Best Indian Restaurants on L.A.’s West Side

When it comes to the multitude of ethnic cuisines that make up L.A.’s culinary landscape, certain neighborhoods have become synonymous with certain types of food. If you’re in the mood to slurp soup dumplings, you know the SGV is where you’ll go. East Los Angeles reigns as the unofficial taco capital, and for those who are craving some rich tonkotsu ramen, you’ll want to head over to Sawtelle Japantown.

But while L.A.’s Indian food scene is typically associated with a hub of great Indian restaurants in Artesia’s Little India area, the Westside has its share of spots that can hold their own. From new openings to longtime neighborhood gems, from Southern Indian cooking to Punjabi-style, these are the best Indian offerings (in no particular order) on the Westside.