Hillary Eaton

Originally appeared on LA Confidential

Eat and Drink to Save the Planet This Earth Day

Between feasting on decadent Easter and Passover dishes and celebrating National Grilled Cheese Month, April is a delicious time of year. In keeping with the culinary trend for Earth Day (April 22), we’ve rounded up six local ways to be an eco-conscious foodie in LA.

Compartés Gourmet Chocolatier

Compartes Gourmet Chocolatier.
Compartés offers chic and eco-conscious chocolates.

Originally founded in the hopes of introducing European chocolate-making techniques and recipes to America in 1950, Compartés Gourmet Chocolatier has a long history in LA—and they’re eco-conscious to boot. Compartés chocolates feature fruits and spices from local farmers markets, and refrain from using any additives or preservatives. 912 S. Barrington Ave., Brentwood, 310-826-3380


Akasha's farm-to-table food.
One of Akasha’s farm-to-table dishes, comprised of local greens, watermelon radish, sungold tomatoes, humbolt fog cheese, golden balsamic dressing, and sunflower seeds. 

With the original wood, steel, and concrete restored in its development, Akasha was built with sustainability in mind. The food is eco-friendly, too, made with organic and handcrafted ingredients that result in dishes such as aged New York steak with truffle salt, pan-seared sea bass with sorrel salsa verde, and masterfully crafted organic cocktails. 9543 Culver Blvd., Culver City, 310-845-1700

Moon Juice

Moon Juice LA.
Inside Moon Juice.

If you’re looking for cold-pressed juice or fresh nut milk that uses 100% organic ingredients, Moon Juice is for you. Even better, each bottle contains about three pounds of produce that is hydraulically pressed, raw, and ready for drinking. 507 Rose Ave., Venice, 310-399-2929; 2839 W. Sunset Blvd., Silver Lake, 213-908-5407

Farm Box LA

Farm Box LA.
A sample offering from Farm Box LA.

Farm Box LA delivers the farmers market to your doorstep. Sourced from dozens of local, sustainable, and organic farms in the greater Los Angeles area, Farm Box LA gives you access to farm-fresh organic produce while supporting small, eco-friendly local farms. 888-888-8590; farmboxla@farmboxla.com

Qupé Sawyer Lindquist Wines

Qupe Sawyer Lindquist syrah.
Qupé Sawyer Lindquist’s Syrahs.

Qupé Sawyer Lindquist Vineyard makes great-tasting eco-conscious and organic wine in San Luis Obispo’s Edna Valley with a special focus on creating a biodynamic environment, all the way down to practicing responsible water consumption and monitoring their vineyard’s effects on the soil. Go for a bottle of their special reserve, “Sonnie’s” Syrah, which boasts a rich pepper and savory fruit taste. 2963 Grand Ave., Los Olivos, 805-686-4200

Castle Rock Water Company

Castle Rock Water Company.
Castle Rock’s award-winning water.

Sustainably sourced from one of the world’s only growing glaciers atop Mt. Shasta and bottled in eco-friendly 55% recycled glass bottles, Castle Rock is perfect for the eco-conscious water drinker. The brand even won the 2014 Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting award for best-tasting bottled water in the world. 4121 Dunsmuir Ave., Dunsmuir, 877-804-5090