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The Best Cocktail in Los Angeles

When it comes to getting your drink on, there is no shortage of amazing bars that make up the burgeoning cocktail scene that we have in Los Angeles. With unparalleled takes on classic cocktails, small-batch spirits, farm-fresh ingredients and bartenders who push the boundaries of what we know, L.A. is a cocktail city to be reckoned with. So whether you’re on the lookout for a speakeasy-style space to sip a Sazerac, a cocktail made from cannabis oil or a full-blown omakase experience, these bars have just the drink you’ve been looking for. 


Originally appeared on LA Weekly

Redbird Is Re-Engineering Brunch Cocktails

Cocktails are an intrinsic part of what makes brunch brunch,but more often than not restaurants attract customers with quantity over quality. Enter the (bottomless) mimosa and (endless) bloody Mary.

At Redbird‘s newly launched brunch, bar director Tobin Shea’s inventive cocktail list invigorates the usual cocktails to pair with chef Neal Fraser’s opulent brunch dishes. The most popular of Shea’s new creations are his takes on the bloody Mary — made with clarified tomato, clarified lemon, white balsamic vinegar, fennel, basil, and pepper vodka — and the mimosa, crafted from a combination of Chablis white wine and clarified orange juice that’s been force-carbonated.

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6 Easy-To-Execute Winter Citrus Recipes

It’s peak season for winter citrus, and that means everything from kumquats to cara cara navels are flooding the farmer’s markets. What’s more beautiful than the pop of deep red blood orange sections scattered on a salad or a pretty pink piece of grapefruit floating in a sparkling cocktail? Nothing, that’s what. To help you stay healthy with a good dose of vitamin C and enjoy the best of this citrusy season, here are six super-easy recipes where citrus is the star of the show.

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6 Pre-Wedding Hair Masks For Ultra-Healthy Big Day Locks

Your hair goes through a lot before your wedding day. From the engagement celebrations, to the bridal shower, and wedding day hair test runs, all the blowouts, coloring, and up-dos can wreak havoc on the health of your hair. And because your hair deserves to look its absolute best when it comes to your big day, you deserve the right hair treatment to get it there. From mild damage and easy to execute at home treatments, to more thorough home remedies, and readily available salon options, these are the best hair treatments out there for any type of pre-wedding hair problem imaginable.

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5 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Bands

Your wedding band is one of the most important symbols of your relationship. But you can make it even more special by customizing it in a way that speaks to the two of you. From a small and simple engraving to a microscopic laser inscription onto your diamond, there is no shortage of ways you can personalize your wedding bands and make them all the more meaningful to you.

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Love Stinks: Where to Celebrate Being Single in LA

Every year on Feb. 14, we become a nation divided. Those who loathe Valentine’s Day see it as a day when happy couples gloat, capitalism runs amok and your favorite restaurant is booked solid and probably serving a love-themed tasting menu. If this is you, there’s still a way to observe the holiday, with everything from drink specials to help you wallow in self-pity to Tinder-themed parties to free food for eating your way through your feelings. 

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4 Ways To Give Your Christmas Tree A Style Refresh

The holiday season is upon us, and Christmas is mere days away. Chances are you’ve already picked out a tree, but if the notion of decking it out in traditional red and green just hasn’t inspired you to start trimming, look no further than these 4 ideas. From a floral-wrapped fir to one that doubles as an art gallery, go for a design that feels true to your own style this year.

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6 Chefs Tell You How To Win At Thanksgiving Dinner

Are you hosting Friendsgiving? Responsible for the Turkey? Don’t freak out, follow these pro-tips from some of LA’s best chefs and get ready for a Thanksgiving to remember. Whether it’s how to nail the perfect side dishes or secrets to a chef-worthy brine, these fail-safe tips are everything you need and more to put together the perfect feast. Happy Thanksgiving!

Originally appeared on The Zoe Report

Here’s How To Make Your Table Just As Stylish As You Are

You curate your wardrobe, your home, and your Instagram feed with the eye of an art director so why should your dinner table be any different? Forget plastic plates and glasses; elevate your table settings with these super stylish dinnerware sets, modern cutlery, and designer plates. Now your table setting will be just as perfectly put together as everything else in your life, naturally.

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6 BBQ Hacks For An Epic 4th Of July

Independence Day is just around the corner — the time of the year where we get to let loose, enjoy some fireworks, don our best red, white, and blue duds, and celebrate our country’s birthday in the most American way we know how: a good ol’ fashioned BBQ! What we don’tsuggest for this weekend? Spending more time than absolutely necessary in the kitchen.

Whether you’re planning on hosting a group of friends, or just want to whip up some deliciously ‘merican munchies for you and your S.O., we’ve tapped two of our favorite L.A. food bloggers for easy recipes.

Ahead, Adrianna Adarme of A Cozy Kitchenand Julie Lee of Julie’s Kitchen have created a mouth-watering menu that can be prepped the night before and assembled in minutes. Think: Instagram-worthy drinks that can be mixed in no time, a side dish recipe that put chips and dip to shame, and a no-bake dessert you can make a day in advance.