Hillary Eaton

Originally appeared on LA Weekly

Boozy Brioche “Adult Donuts” Come to Venice

If Los Angeles was a doughnut, it would be a rum-, pineapple-, coconut- and mint-flavored ring covered in shredded coconut — at least according to Blue Star Donuts, the Portland-based gourmet doughnut shop that just opened its third outpost on Abbot Kinney.

Blue Star’s signature brioche, European-ish doughnuts are made from a combination of eggs, flour and butter in a process that takes 18 hours. The shop also is turning out doughnuts laced with an ample hit of booze — “donuts for adults,” as they like to call them.

But it’s not just the booziness that makes these doughnuts grown-up. They’re also lacking in the syrupy sweetness of most frosted treats. With flavors like hard apple cider, blueberry bourbon basil and horchata, Blue Star is subtle when it comes to sugar.

And in typical Blue Star fashion, a new location brings new flavor concepts. As with its Tokyo and Portland shops, Blue Star takes inspiration from the culture that surrounds its L.A. shop and translates that into seasonally rotating flavors exclusive to the location.

Pineapple Pina Colada

So what does a Los Angeles doughnut taste like? In addition to the aforementioned homage to the piña colada, Blue Star has translated Los Angeles’ health consciousness into a Greek yogurt and honey donut topped with freshly made granola.

For the next L.A.-specific flavor, Blue Star will be tapping into Los Angeles’ undying obsession with brunch via a mimosa doughnut infused with sparkling wine and an orange-scented glaze, as well as a nod to our nearby wine regions with a grenache-laden ganache.

1142 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice; (310) 450-5630, bluestardonuts.com.